Your Home Energy Renovation Opportunity (“HERO”) property tax lien may be eligible for removal which could save you hundreds of dollars each month. Simply fill out this form or call us toll-free at (866)785-3703 to check your eligibility. Our team is standing by to assist you through this simple and easy process.

    Best Options When You Payoff Your HERO Loan

    Contact us today to take advantage of these potential benefits options when you pay off your HERO loan.

    Lower Interest Rate

    We offer the most competitively low rates that are available to you.

    Payment Decrease

    Prevention of your upcoming HERO loan payment increase.

    Cash Out

    Up to 100% of your home value for cash out financing.

    Get Out of Your HERO Loan

    Your mortgage payment may increase once your HERO tax lien gets added into your monthly tax bill. This increase may happen within the next 6 months if it hasn’t already. Taking advantage of current mortgage benefits may result in a lower interest rate and prevention of this payment increase. CONTACT US TODAY to take advantage and prevent the increase of your monthly payment.

    If you have any HERO related questions...we are here to help!

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